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Our off-duty peace officers And Veterans of the United States Armed Forces are highly experienced and can be hired in advanced level positions, as well as uniformed or plain clothed. They also have the power to arrest on-site. You can hire them for any occasion, by the hour or longer, and can be confident in their expert ability to detect and neutralize any threat during your event. We will match each officer’s unique experience and abilities with the specific requirements of each client to ensure that you are the beneficiary of the most professional service to protect your valuable personnel and property, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Some of the unique services that GE4S, Corp. Offers include:

  • Safety guard
  • Guard for celebrities
  • Guard for an Executive VIP
  • Securing an Executive’s safety
  • Securing a Firm
  • Firm Examination
  • Firm Investigation
  • Guard for Judicial Matters/Custody
  • Guard for a VIP
  • Safety and Security Adviser
  • Management of access points
  • Second Guard for a diplomat
  • Guard for Diplomatic Consignment
  • Securing of boundaries
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