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GE4S, Corp. also includes a construction security division that provides security services for construction sites. Theft and vandalism represent the main security problems for construction sites. The easy access to the building materials makes it a popular target for thieves. Highly trained officers, standing Security guards, will be deployed in the field to safeguard the site and the equipment. Construction theft costs residential, commercial and industrial companies millions of dollars each year. You can prevent these significant losses by stopping theft before it ever starts.

We provide security solutions for properties of any size. Security vehicles can be assigned to prevent intruders, thieves, and vandals from trespassing on private construction sites. There are multiple Construction Security Guard Duties that our officers will perform:

  • Secure entrance area during non-operating hours;
  • Control all vehicles and visitors to the construction site;
  • Create a listing of all visitors, vehicles, and deliveries to the job site;
  • Escort visitors to the construction offices;
  • Maintain watch over office trailers;
  • Maintain watch over equipment;
  • Inspect exterior fencing to check for security breaches;
  • Foot patrol of the job site;
  • Golf cart patrol;
  • Bike patrol;
  • Sig patrol;
  • Round the clock vehicle patrol;
  • ID check;
  • Car Patrol of the construction site;
  • Emergency Security Officer coverage;
  • Provide security guard trailer if needed;
  • Prevent graffiti;
  • Fire Watch and safety activity;
  • Report hazards to the construction supervisor;
  • Control homeless people and vagrants in and around the construction site;
  • Monitor the alarm system;
  • Monitor surveillance cameras;
  • Access control etc.
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