Retail Security

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Unscrupulous employees and dishonest customers can make a serious dent in a retail business owner’s profit and peace of mind. Consequently, these retail losses are passed on to the customer, causing a drop in sales and a loss of customer loyalty. The ripple effect is felt across the community, which is why it is essential that retail stores prevent this loss from occurring.

Although traditional law enforcement is normally called in to deal with cases of shoplifting and employee theft, the rampant nature of these occurrences has required a much more continuous security presence to not only detect the crime, but also to prevent it. With thieves becoming increasingly brazen and innovative, retail store owners require complex surveillance equipment and devices to detect these crimes. GE4S, Corp. Is particularly skilled and experienced in dealing effectively with employee and customer theft. We not only ensure the safety of your valued and legitimate patrons, but also the protection of your property. Our officers are trained to deal with the public and work in areas of high traffic, while maintaining and securing your business premises to the highest standard of protection. We are uniquely knowledgeable about the operations and behavior of criminals, so we are able to detect and prevent theft from occurring, as well as take the criminal into custody. We are highly motivated, organized, and dependable in our efforts to secure your property in every possible way.

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