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GE4S, Corp. is a knowledge leader in security. Our core business is integrated security solutions. The main service offering categories are specialized guarding, mobile security services, monitoring, technical solutions and consulting services. From a broad range of services, we customize offerings that are suited to the individual customer’s needs, in order to deliver the most effective security solutions.

Reaching our targets

To maintain our strong position in the security industry, we need to reach our targets of operational excellence and financial performance. We believe that this means to continuously climb the value chain and create more value for our customers. To do so, we focus on the integration of all our areas of competence in complete security solutions and to increase the share of technology content.

Security solutions and technology

Together with the customers, GE4S, Corp. develops optimal, cost-effective security solutions that are suited to the customers’ needs. The key is finding the right balance between the different competencies; security officers on site, mobile security officers and specially trained security officers in a monitoring center, and to what extent security officers or technology solutions should be used. When doing so, it results in optimal solutions for our customers, stronger, more long-term customer relationships and improved profitability.

Expanding our Nationwide footprint

An important part of our long-term strategy is to expand our nationwide footprint, in order to keep a strong position in the security industry and to be able to serve our nationwide customers. However, we will continue to be restrictive and selective regarding acquisitions in general with the exception of acquisitions that strengthen our position in new markets or technology operations that create synergies and competence along our strategic path of increasing technology content and climbing the value chain.

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