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Hospitals are a breeding ground for criminals, due to the easy access to the premises and the countless medical personnel, patients, and visitors that have access to the facilities. The huge number of patient rooms, doctor’s quarters, prescription drugs, and hundreds of places for a criminal to hide make it imperative that a hospital has a comprehensive and dynamic security program. At GE4S, Corp. we understand all the complications and nuances that securing a hospital entails, from ensuring the confidentiality of patients to respecting the work of medical personnel.

GE4S, Corp. ensures that its guards are expertly trained at spotting any fraudulent or criminal activity, while still maintaining a safe and comfortable environment for the patients and medical workers within the hospital walls and grounds.

You can be assured that we at GE4S, Corp. have the expertise and knowledge to protect and defend your premises with integrity and compassion. Our presence at your hospital will be seen and felt, with mobile and bicycle patrols, as well as stationary patrols in the parking lots, but our presence will not be uncomfortably intrusive. Our staff members have been educated to deal with the public in a highly professional manner.

Your hospital and patients are in safe hands GE4S, Corp.

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