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The design of warehouses includes large open spaces in which individuals and businesses can house a large volume of items, including food, furniture, materials, equipment, and merchandise. In order to facilitate the handling of such goods, warehouses need wide gates, as well as loading docks. Unfortunately, this type of design also offers opportunities for vandalism and burglary. The need for protection and safety of the warehouse contents is fundamental. A warehouse that is vulnerable to thievery or criminal activity is a recipe for disaster.

An effective solution for warehouse safety is to retain the services of GE4S, Corp. and its professionally trained guards. All of our security guards are knowledgeable in human relations techniques, but they are primarily concerned with ensuring that there is a safe environment in the warehouse and in the surrounding community. Often, the sight of security patrol cars in the parking lot is enough to deter criminals. The guards offer service that is above and beyond the norm in order to protect the warehouse and its valuable contents.


1) Top Concern and Highest Priority

GE4S, Corp. recognizes the importance of training as a major determining factor in satisfactory job performance and our employees receive continuous training to keep their skills up-to-date and sharp.

2) Classroom Training Sessions

Classroom training methods and on-the-job educational opportunities are both utilized to help GE4S, Corp. Employees meet and maintain high performance standards. The latest methods and industry knowledge are used in each venue where our services are rendered.

3) Training Conducted By Executives and Managers

The in-house GE4S, Corp. Training program is certified by the State of California. Before being approved for employment, each applicant must attend eight hours of continuous training. In addition, the applicant must successfully complete a standard examination. The training is set in an in-house classroom led by the executives and managers of GE4S, Corp. These trainers include the company president, as well as retired Military officers and Govt. agents. In addition, CDs are employed to train, as well as to expand on certain subjects. The training curriculum consists of these essential topics:

  • Curriculum
  • Administrative and Security Orientation
  • Legal Authority – Power to Arrest
  • Authority of the Security Officer
  • Elements and Mechanics of Arrest
  • Rules of Evidence
  • Search and Seizure
  • Protection of the Crime Scene
  • Self-Defense
  • Company Policy, Procedures, and Guidelines
  • Public Relations
  • Report Writing
  • Method of Patrol
  • First Aid
  • Communications
  • Uniforms and Equipment
  • CPR Certification
  • Customer Service
  • On-the-Job Training

Records of training are maintained on file, where they can be viewed by clients upon special request.

The applicant must complete the entry-level training and complete the final examination before being officially employed. The results of the exam will determine whether employment will be offered to the applicant. If the applicant does become an employee, continual monitoring and evaluation of employee performance will occur.

4) Specific Training for Each Client’s Needs

The pre-assignment training forms the basis for further specialized activities in connection with a particular client’s requirements. Specific training will usually take place on the job site. Every “Security Officer” and “Employee” will train further with a supervisory staff member.

5) Ongoing Training

Where there is a need to develop additional skills, expand an employee’s knowledge base, or even prevent the development of a complacent attitude toward the performance of the work, ongoing training is required. “Training Task Sheets” are used by supervisors at GE4S, Corp. to test security officers and staff members on their ability to understand and perform specific duties.

6) Training for Supervisory Staff

Additional job-related training is undergone by supervisory and management personnel. The goal of this type of training is to assure a positive influence on the personnel who are under their direction. Each of the GE4S, Corp. Supervisors is responsible for attending an in-house training session. Some of the topics that are covered include equipment maintenance, company policies and regulations, and supervisory and management techniques. New supervisors receive on-the-job training for several shifts by shadowing experienced supervisors. Roll-call meetings also provide an opportunity for ongoing training.

7) Management Personnel Attend Seminars

Professional organizations and learning centers regularly sponsor seminars and lectures. Managers are encouraged to take advantage of relevant seminars in order to remain current and knowledgeable on various topics related to the security field. These include techniques for addressing the growing problem of terrorism and the systems that have been put in place to effectively handle those potential threats. Managers have also attended lectures on topics such as guard force management, security officer training, total quality management, public relations, fiscal management, and personnel policies and procedures. The company pays for any fees that these training courses may require.

8) Certified Security Officer

A Certified Security Officer (CSO) Training Course has been developed by GE4S, Corp. The purpose of this course is to provide more specific and detailed knowledge elements of the security industry. There are two phases of the CSO courses. When an officer completes each of the phases, an increase in hourly pay rates is awarded. These topics are part of the CSO courses:

  • Fire Risk for Security Officers
  • First Aid
  • Appropriate Use of Force
  • Courtesy and the Security Officer
  • The Professional Security Officer
  • Access Control
  • Safety
  • Crowd and Traffic Control
  • A New Officer’s Tool Kit
  • Responding to Hazardous Material
  • Blood Borne Pathogens
  • Incidents
  • Effective Report Writing
  • Bomb Threats
  • Effective Patrolling
  • Class A CPR
  • Law and the Security Officer

The above courses and training modules demonstrate that GE4S, Corp. has a strong commitment to training and understand its importance in ensuring high-quality professional services to all of our clients.

9) Employee Benefits

GE4S, Corp. Provides employee benefits that are above and beyond the industry standard.

There is a firmly held belief in our company that employees of the firm are the most important resource and asset. Policies established by management promote conditions to motivate employees so that each task is performed to the highest standards and is tailored to employee abilities.

The importance of selecting, training, and supervising personnel in a professional manner is well known and understood. The management of GE4S, Corp. also recognizes the significance of employee satisfaction with the company and working conditions. Some of the benefits that are provided in response to this need are:

  • Hourly pay rates dependent upon experience and job requirements
  • Certified Security Officer Program for further education and pay increases
  • Guard and Employee of the Month
  • Guard and Employee of the Year
  • Merit Increases
  • Incentive Bonuses
  • Supervision

10) Supervisors: Train, Counsel, Inspect, and Evaluate

The role of supervisors is particularly critical when a security officer is assigned to a particular client or responsibility. Supervisors for GE4S, Corp. are tasked with training, counseling, inspecting, evaluating, and disciplining officers while on the job, if necessary. Supervisors act as the line of communication between clients and individual officers. Client posts are grouped within a sector under a specific supervisor in order to facilitate interaction with the assigned officers.

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