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A growing problem for many groceries and supermarkets today is spotting and weeding out the legitimate shoppers from the shoplifters. There is a fine balance between providing great service for your customers and protecting your business from unscrupulous individuals in the guise of customers. On one hand, you want to ensure that your customers feel welcome and at ease while shopping, but you also need a system that monitors possible criminal activity without upsetting the legitimate patrons of your establishment.

Several advances in surveillance and other technologies have made the detection of thieves and shoplifters much more effective. Supermarkets and groceries have upgraded their security protocols and placed a greater emphasis on loss prevention with encouraging outcomes.

While the loss of goods through organized retail theft is a costly problem, businesses also face a greater threat to their bottom line that is much closer to home: dishonest employees.

This is where GE4S, Corp. can help supermarket or grocery owners to minimize or prevent retail loss and maximize profits. Your employees and customers will feel comfortable knowing that they are shopping and working in a safe environment, while dishonest employees and patrons will face the real risk of being caught by the highly trained guards of GE4S, Corp.

When you hire GE4S, Corp. you will be getting:

  • Security staff that is fully educated and skilled in loss prevention
  • Loss prevention that meets national standards relative to your supermarket size and security for your business
  • Monitoring and prevention of retail loss caused by suppliers or employees
  • Customer theft
  • Latest surveillance equipment for loss prevention
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