Security of Apartment Complexes

Home Security of Apartment Complexes

At GE4S, Corp. we are very aware that as the owner of an apartment complex or condominium, you wish to ensure the safety and comfort of your tenants, as their continued presence in your building is directly related to your profitability. Incidents that include breaking and entering, theft, burglaries, and vandalism can make your tenants anxious and unwilling to continue living at your apartment complex. These events incur not only a loss of property for your tenants, but may also be emotionally and physically harmful. They could result in your tenants leaving their residence, a loss of your reputation as a property owner, and the potential harm or even death that could occur from these types of incidents.

We at GE4S,Corp. have identified that your property’s vulnerability to these attacks are at their highest when your tenants are at work and their apartment is vacant, but nighttime hours and weekends are the high-risk times for criminals with devious intent to take more than just property. We are supremely qualified to assess any high-risk areas of your building to determine the optimum security system to employ.

We aim to ensure your security by controlling access to your building, which is achieved by monitoring all access point and exits. From the largest condominium to the smallest apartment complex, we customize our workforce to meet the specific needs and requirements of every client. Our officers undergo rigorous security training and are also well versed in dealing with the public in a compassionate and understanding way, evidenced by their high level of professionalism in service and appearance. GE4S, Corp. Is supremely capable of keeping your condominium or apartment complex safe and secure.

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