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The manufacturing sector has been the unfortunate victim of theft both from within and without. Criminals often target manufacturing installations due to the expensive equipment and large quantities of goods that they contain. Not to be outdone, huge losses have also been incurred from deceitful employees with the opportunity to cart away goods in small or large quantities, or even technology and equipment.

These losses can cost a company billions of dollars. They also result in loss of revenue and higher production costs, which eventually get transferred to the consumer. This results in a drop of the company’s sales and reputation.

Unscrupulous employees can also cost the company its competitive edge by selling trade secrets to dishonest competitors.

This unfortunate situation can be skillfully avoided if you hire the services of GE4S, Corp. We are highly qualified and experienced in protecting and monitoring manufacturing facilities from any security threat. Let us assist you in vital areas such as threat detection, management of loss prevention, and obtaining any required permits from relevant agencies or governmental bodies. Additionally, we are experts at carrying out security audits of manufacturing installations.

We are dependable, experienced, and efficient when it comes to offering a truly individualized security solution for your company. The security assistance that we provide will help you detect and lower the incidences of loss, raise your profit margin, and target and eliminate any security risks, all while raising employee morale and involvement.

Our security solutions for manufacturing environments are specially designed to conform to the requirements of the manufacturing sector. We offer a proactive, resilient, and adaptive security program that will enable your manufacturing plant to continue operating at full capacity. Our security platform can service multiple industry segments due to our vast experience with large and complex manufacturing operations.

We aim to detect and/or prevent incidences of theft, loss of goods/services, health and safety infringements, and technology theft. Safeguarding the manufacturing sector and its stability will help bolster economic growth, as well as ensure your company’s profitability and longevity.

GE4S, Corp. is uniquely poised to deliver first-rate, individualized service that meets and exceeds all of your specialized security requirements.

We offer expertly crafted services that include:

  • A variety of patrol options, including mobile patrols, foot patrols, and bicycle patrols
  • Management of all access point and exits for both employees and visitors
  • Personnel to respond to any hazardous or medical emergency
  • Detection of any vehicular or packaged threat
  • Security on the docks
  • Security monitoring personnel for security posts
  • Transport, postal mail, locksmith, and other assistance
  • Security threat detection, action plan, and threat reduction
  • Fire Hazard/Safety educational program
  • Management of hostility in the work environment
  • Security of property
  • Health and Safety inspections and Loss Prevention
  • Conformance to existing supply chain standards

We guarantee the provision of personnel whose experience and qualification matches the unique needs of your industry. Our staff is chosen because of their esteemed reputation in providing quality services, especially in the areas of loss prevention in a manufacturing environment. We handpick only the best and brightest candidates to be on our team, and we meticulously match our staff members’ aptitude, skills, and experience to the demands of each client. We source from a talented skills pool; loss prevention, health and safety, police, military, and security professionals.

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